After Yogyakarta, Mikatasa came to Semarang to hold its gathering to discuss the latest tips and trends in building materials and their applications. The event took place at Anugerah Alam Restaurant on 23 September 2011 with the purpose of educating the construction workers in the area on building materials and their applications.


Festive decorations inside the restaurant's meeting room, where the event occurred, grabbed the attention of the participants. Many of Mikatasa's quality approved products were displayed in the event, including premium painting products: TAKA Armor and TAKA Imprezza, as well as Water Block waterproofing coatings and Rajawali adhesive.

Hours before the dialogue started, participants who were mostly construction workers, were seen filling up the seats- wearing Rajawali adhesive's cap and t-shirt they received from the organizing staffs on the registration desk.


Before the discussion began, MC lighted up the room by asking participants to stand up from their seats and yell out the well-known Rajawali adhesive's slogan, “Lem Rajawali, Tariiik Terus!” 5 persons who evidently shouted the loudest, got the chance to bring home Mikatasa's fun merchandises.


The dialogue was an opportunity for construction workers to improve their understanding of the right techniques in using building materials. For more than 30 years, Mikatasa has served market's needs for high quality adhesives with Rajawali adhesive and become partners with many leading distributors and retailers across the country.


Mikatasa's superior product, Water Block waterproofing coating, was presented as well in the discussion by Rudy W, one of Mikatasa's organizing team. The presentation ranged over many topics on Water Block, for instance, how to apply the right techniques in waterproofing.


As the dialogue reached the end, the MC announced door prize winners and participants started to enjoy their delectable dinner. Many participants said that they got valuable information from the whole dialogue and they eagerly anticipated the next events from Mikatasa.